Sunflower Traffic

In order to further safety, we will guide you from your desired location to your destination with safety first.


Safely and reliably to your destination

As our first mission is to ensure the safety of transportation, each and every one of us is aware of our responsibilities and roles, and we will fulfill our social responsibilities in response to the trust of our customers.


 We sincerely hope that those affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection will recover as soon as possible. I would also like t
o express my heartfelt sympathy to all those affected by our lives. All of our employe
es can only hope for the end of coronavirus as soon as possible. As Himaw
ari Kotsu Co., Ltd., we will thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside of the car so that customers can ride with peace of mind, and we will do our utmost to provide guidance to the crew and hope to be useful as a means of transportation for everyone.

Shuji Hashiguchi, Chairman
, Himawari Kotsu Co., Ltd.


Measures against Coronal Infections

The world’s first in all vehicles owned by our company! Visible light response photocatalyst infection prevention coating was enforced!

What is a visible light response photocatalyst?

⇒ inactivation of the new coronavirus by light irradiation (visible light) to this catalyst material, and it is possible to impart a continuous antiviral effect.

For details, please watch the video ↓

Coating in the bus

Work scenery

(Effective November 30, 2020)

To coated vehicles 

Enforced Stickers