Measures against Coronal Infections

 We have implemented the world’s first visible light response photocatalyst infection prevention coating on all of our vehicles! What
is a visible light response photocatalyst?

⇒ inactivation of the new coronavirus by light irradiation (visible light) to this catalyst material, and it is possible to impart a continuous antiviral effect.







Each person performs a temperature ins
pection at the time of crew point call, and then serves on board. 

Disinfection and deodorization in the bus

Installation of hand sanitizer d
isinfection and deodorant spray when riding

Request to the customer

  • Wear a mask and talk sparingly
  • In-car ventilation 3-5 minutes
  • Staggered attendance

I’d like to ask.

Dust-proof cover installed in the driv
er’s seat of all vehicle buses

In additio
n, it is not directly related to the new corona, but in winter, it is equipped with a humidifier to prevent drying in the car, and keeps the temperature and humidity in the car comfortable.

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